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Draconic - Chapter 1
It is quite a beautiful day, I muse, strolling forwards on the gravelly road beneath me, a metallic can of gasoline held in my right hand. The sun is shining, the air is that perfect temperature where it is neither too hot nor too cold, and there is even a bit of birdsong coming from the lush greenery off in the distance. A few fluffy, white clouds adorn the skies, but it's nothing that would cause any sort of unpleasant downfall, really. The rather unremarkable gravel beneath my feet crunches as I walk, continuously letting its presence be known. There's the occasional bigger piece, and there was that one time when most of the path had gotten obstructed by some sort of large, grey boulder, but in general the road seems to be in good condition, if a bit uncared for as of late.
In true form of the gaming addict I am, I suddenly get an irresistible, unexplainable urge to take up my cell phone and play games... whilst walking and carrying the previously mentioned can of gasoline back to m
:iconfwiffoforce:FwiffoForce 25 9
Into the Fire, Part 1 (Mythical TF)
Fire. Flames everywhere. Everywhere I turned, there was fire. Orange flames, crackling high into the air, burning with an unquenchable rage. However, they were missing one essential quality of fire: they weren’t hot. I couldn’t feel any heat coming off of them. In fact, I tried walking through one of the flames, and it didn’t hurt me at all. As I looked around, I noticed a light coming from above me. I looked up and noticed… some kind of figure, hovering above where I was standing. I couldn’t make out its shape, but I could feel some kind of… power coming from it.
“Please… help me” cried a voice, one that seemed to be coming from the figure above me. The voice was definitely female, but that was about all that I could tell from it. “Come to where my spirit waits. Please, hurry. Wake us so that we may fight again…”
“What are you talking about?” I yelled, desperately trying to figure out what was going on
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 23 10
Sometimes I Dance
Sometimes I Dance
Sometimes I dance with fiction.
I dive in deep and long.
And words become a vision,
While sounds become a song.
There’s something like a whisper
When fingers meet the page.
I find myself a prisoner
Quite happy in his cage.
Maybe there’s no sorcery
That ties me in a spell.
But how easily the hours flee
As I’m tucked into my tale.
Transported to a meadow
While I’m lying in my bed.
I can almost see the shadow
Of a dragon overhead.
And when the spell is broken,
There is no need to mourn.
I’m a dreamer who’s been woken,
And to dreams I will return.
:iconiamayreth:iamayreth 16 13
The lost by Neboveria The lost :iconneboveria:Neboveria 608 35
Ironheart - The Tale of the Half Dragon Prologue
The Tale of the Half Dragon

Prologue - What has Been and What will Be

Centuries have passed since the Oblivion Crisis near Kyreem's border. And the Duchy ultimately collapsed after the end of the Duchess Viktoria. A time of peace then followed, and Kyreem has risen from the ashes to kindly monarchies and Kings.
Now a new era has arrived. The world as it is is now much more different from Serena Vos'taloon's and Lezerath Kai'jiem's times. The world has been transformed thanks to the powers of steam, steel, gunpowder, and many more creations. An industrial revolution has taken hold, civilizing the world and its people.
But by no means did it mean that the world has forgotten its roots.
Majestic castles still dotted the landscape, with Lords and Ladies still taking holds of land, giving employment to commoners to work the fields and gleam the vineyards. Kings and Duke's clashed o
:iconjcsolis01:JCSolis01 8 20
Wings of Fire and Ice (A Dragon TF Story) Part 1
Nothing's ever felt normal to me.
I've always had a strange sensation of feeling...trapped.
That's how I felt up until 2 years ago.  Now, I feel free.
This is my story.
My name is Ethan.  I am just your average teenager.  I enjoy games (especially Steam games, as usual :D).  I have always had an issue.  I never seemed to be able to remember any of my old memories.  I've forgotten the first 6 years of my life.  At first I thought it was just normal.
Of course... it wasn't.
I began having nightmares in my sleep.  Battles raging in the sky above me.  Shouts and cries for help.  Over time, my dreams were easier to remember.  I'll never forget the one dream I had.
"Get up!" A shadowed figure held out his hand.
Great, I thought to myself.  Another stupid nightmare.  I took his hand anyways, wondering how the dream would carry out.  I gasped.  This wasn't a human.  I felt his hand, sp
:iconfrozenslave1:frozenslave1 12 6
Scales and Honor Chapter 1 :Dread Flame 1/2
Our story begins in the kingdom of Lumara, a rather large nation located on the continent of Sethera. Lumara was well known for its cold winters, said to chill a person to the very bone, even while hugging their fire for warmth. It also bore some of the wettest summers where rain soaked the countryside for months. Some outsiders that lived in such climate spoke of Lumara as the worst place for anyone to live. However, in spite of the ill rumors, Lumara was not without its bounty. Several races inhabited these lands, and even though the majority of them were human the others were not treated any lesser.
To the other kingdoms of Man, Elf, and Dwarf Lumara appeared a violent nation, never satisfied with its borders. Many years ago, the forefathers of present day Lumara found ruins that contained knowledge of mana crystals, and -most important of them all- their creation. These crystals had been used eons ago by the Dragons -one of the oldest races of the world- to fu
:icontheunscforces:TheUNSCforces 19 15
Dragon's Den
I pushed my way past some vines. I was deep in a forest, one where the trees towered over me, ancient giants whose green canopies prevented all save a twinkling of light from reaching the forest floor. Very little grew at ground level save for a wide variety of fungi and gnarled bushes. Occasionally, one of the forest denizens showed itself; I heard plenty of birds and small mammals and saw several deer that would have made a hunter’s mouth water in anticipation.
    Fortunately for those deer, I wasn’t there for the hunting. I was a traveling cartographer. I believed in mapping only those areas that I had seen with my own eyes and walked on my own feet. Which was why I found myself deep in the Unknown Regions. I had a client back in Luthansia, the last kingdom bordering these untamed lands, who had specifically requested information about the area. The fee was so extravagant that I couldn’t refuse, and so I had set out with a small, armed escort.
:iconraolin1994:raolin1994 2 0
A dragon soulmate
In a big western city, not many years ago, there lived a boy called Thomas. Thomas lived in an apartment with his two adoptive parents, who had taken him when he was only two. The kid was in a lovely family, and his adoptive parents cared for him like if he was their direct son.
However, outside his house, it wasn’t the same. Thomas had dark skin, and some of his schoolmates were pretty cruel. Every day, he was tormented with mean words, like “Why don’t you go back to Africa?”, “Were you born on a tree?” or “Do you want a banana?”. His teachers had done their best to teach these kids Thomas was no way different from them, but with no use. A short talk with these kids’ parents had made Thomas’ ones figure out their children were simply repeating what they heard home. There was no choice: they had to make him change school.
Thomas still suffered for this, because in that school he had also made friends. Thomas felt like no one a
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 9 8
Fallen Angel- Dragon TF
Alain and I have been good friends for many long years. We first met at a fall festival. He was helping run a leatherworking shop for his parents, and we got into a discussion about the craft while I browsed the wares. We then started talking further later on when his parents took over and he had some free time.
Two years later, he had told me he was about to be married and I was very happy for him. I attended his wedding among a defect few, since his family did not approve of her. It was a secret, but very sweet and sentimental ceremony.
It broke my heart to tell him I would be gone by that morning. I had been accepted to a school halfway across the country to become a scholar and study architecture. Our last night together was filled with dancing, excitement, and then a farewell. At the very end, as I was about to join a caravan, Alain gave me a piece of leather he was working on. It was a cross-shaped piece where every tip except for the top ended in a sharp point. "This is an old f
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 20 25
Hurt: A Jungle Tales story
By Fushigi-Okami
A Jungle Tales prequel spin-off
Main story
By Dolly sisters massacre
It was a warm evening, even after the heat of the sun over the skies of India is setting in the sky’s horizon, the land was still hot. The city in times like this in India was bustling with crowds of people seeking to do something after the sun has set cooling off just enough for people to find an excuse to find something to do. The city in question was nearby a fairly large rainforest and most people tend not to go wandering off into the jungle in most clichés as most know the dangers.
There were crowds of people, most of which middle class with a few upper class amongst them bored and wanting to do something after a day’s work, or to walk, or for no reason. Some people were not so much so outside for the sake of being outside, they are the beggars and the poor that have nowhere else to go. But most unusual amongst the crowd was a man, whom stood six foot, wore a multi-colored p
:iconfushigi-okami:Fushigi-Okami 5 8
Office Vacation - Dragon Tf
Todd was the pinnacle of human evolution coupled with government regulation. Never stepping out of line or creating a disturbance, Todd did everything the government expected of him. Not even a speeding or parking ticket was on record. Todd was obedient. Due to the obedience, Todd lived a mundane, generic life. A life that the government wants all citizens to follow. Always wearing dress slacks coupled with a white dress shirt and a black tie to keep a business casual look. His blond hair was always cut short and kept in a professional manner. Todd dressed like this all days of the week, with the occasional change in tie color to mix things up a bit.
Working in an investment firm, Todd had a very simple job. All Todd does is sit at a desk with a computer displaying the statistical information of the company he worked for. The screen displayed the current value and predictions of what was to come. Next to the computer was a red phone that had a direct connection to management. Back when
:iconmoran68:Moran68 6 0
Herlesh environment by DamianKrzywonos Herlesh environment :icondamiankrzywonos:DamianKrzywonos 94 7 snowflakes galaxy by KPEKEP snowflakes galaxy :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 464 19 fitzchivalry farseer by chazillah fitzchivalry farseer :iconchazillah:chazillah 160 9 Final Fantasy 7: Sephiroth by ZAKUGA Final Fantasy 7: Sephiroth :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 482 25




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