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Dragon hunt Valley by SeraphWolf1995 Dragon hunt Valley :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 6 7 Dragon hunt Valley by SeraphWolf1995 Dragon hunt Valley :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 5 0 Dragon 3 by SeraphWolf1995 Dragon 3 :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 12 3 Catacombs of thalgrimm by SeraphWolf1995 Catacombs of thalgrimm :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 9 Catacombs of thallgimm by SeraphWolf1995 Catacombs of thallgimm :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 0 Pumpkin vale by SeraphWolf1995 Pumpkin vale :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Maelstrom  by SeraphWolf1995 Maelstrom :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Svardborg keep at the end of a titanic battle  by SeraphWolf1995 Svardborg keep at the end of a titanic battle :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Svardborg keep by SeraphWolf1995 Svardborg keep :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Svardborg keep by SeraphWolf1995 Svardborg keep :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Pathfinder map by SeraphWolf1995 Pathfinder map :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Pathfinder map by SeraphWolf1995 Pathfinder map :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 0 Raziel by SeraphWolf1995 Raziel :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 5 5 Liormes by SeraphWolf1995 Liormes :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 1


Alchemy by Ennoea Alchemy :iconennoea:Ennoea 317 27
Prey to Be a Pet!
Prey to be a pet!
Warning for, blood, pain and suffering as well as suspension bridges. Not to be read by people who suffer a heart condition or peanut allergy. All the characters are all mine! No animals were hurt in the making of this. Except two ants and a fly, but they deserved it.
My name is David Paliabro, a skilled marksman born into a noble family, I lived within the castle walls as did most nobles. From a young age I was taught to fight with a blade... But even with an average height I don't have the weight or the strength to pose any threat in a battle. Thankfully to much relief, I showed some expert skills with a crossbow.
All seemed happy and well until the great armies from the south began to close in on us. The war had been going on for years as the invaders conquered everything in their way. Word had reached our castle of scouts spotting the southern king's personal army, heading directly toward us. The south's armies have been strong, but the southern king's army is the
:iconquietprofesional:QuietProFesional 179 126
Workspace for creative mind by Exileden Workspace for creative mind :iconexileden:Exileden 204 95
A Flame's Rune - Chapter One: Hunted {Dragon TF}
   Sand stuck to my feet as I made my way around the beach in San Francisco. The moist air by the sea had the perfect blend of water and seafood, raising my spirits.
   Laughter was heard all around me as I sat down on my beach towel, letting the warm breeze tussle my hair around a bit before laying down for some relaxation.
   I closed my eyes, leaving me in darkness, and opened my senses around me. Kids were playing in the sand with their parents, waves gently crashed into the beach, a soft melody played in the background. It was truly paradise, I wanted to lie there forever.
   I was quickly removed from my relaxing world to meet my girlfriends ecstatic gaze. I took off my earbuds, rubbed my eyes a bit, and asked,
   “What is it?”
   “Come on! We’ve landed already! Our group is starting to leave the plane!” Was all my girlfriend, Jenny, said. Then she h
:icontherealviserion:TheRealViserion 6 5
Warstruck: A Dragon TF Series: Chapter One-Farvin
  Hey There!
      If you are reading this, I commend you for reading/checking out my stories :) But First, let me introduce you to myself. My name is Jonas and I am currently 18 (shocker, right?) Although it MAY say that I'm new to Deviant Art, I am NOT new to writing! I currently have an active Wattpad account where I write about different topics and weave it into a tapestry that is fictional writing! Now before you start this story,  I want to tell you that it may be a little different from other Dragon TF stories, as there is a moral in this :) Now, enjoy the story, and keep reading and writing to you hearts desire!
                            - Jonas
--------------------------------------------II--------------------------------------------------         When you think about home, what do you picture? Most people picture a standard McMansion with furniture, a TV a
:icontherealviserion:TheRealViserion 4 4
Dreams Can Come True: Chapter 6
Chapter 6:
Crazy Mind
     “Hello, young one.” a voice whispered. “Who is there?” I screamed out into the black abyss. “I’m Amethyst, I am in your head.” “So, is this just my dream then?” “I was once a dragon, but I'm in your head because of a long story” “Can you…..indulge me on this story please?” “Sure, if it makes you happy, young one,” the voice continued,”Back long ago, around 1500 years ago, there was a war, and still continuing on to this day. Back at that time, I was an adult dragon, and once was the queen.” “Wait hold on, you were a queen? And how did you become just this, voice?” “If you wish to know then don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking, young one.” “Ok, i’m sorry.” “Now, before the war started it was just a peaceful land with all types
:iconspyrozedragon:SpyroZeDragon 3 9
Moonlight by AL0RIN Moonlight :iconal0rin:AL0RIN 169 22
Mercenaries: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: "An Unpleasant Recruitment"
Luke let out a sigh as he walked along the dirt road. He was traveling within the borders of the New Empire, which included many regions of varied climates. He was in the area of the empire that was made of thick forests, for all around him were trees, bushes, and thorny branches. If the road that he was traveling on wasn't a popular trade route, it would have most certainly been engulfed by the forest. He found that ironic. Nature was easy to tear down, but it will always survive. It will always outlast kingdoms and empires made of stone and marble. 
"There it is!" George Bruckle laughed as he dropped his pack onto the dirt road. He and Luke were on the top of a hill which allowed a view towards the wide valley below. In the center of the valley was a town that consisted of a few dozen wooden buildings which were surrounded by a palisade for protection. Luke could see the smoke from several chimneys as well as a few occupied watchtowers. "Wo
:iconcolaphan:colaphan 7 8
Mature content
The Fate of the Last Amarok :iconvorekamperkonkel:vorekamperkonkel 1 7
Life of a dragon-fan gamer by RandomVanGloboii Life of a dragon-fan gamer :iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 21 15
The Fate of the Last Amarok: Chapter 4
There was more than a few minutes that went by as Daisy processed what was happening before her. Titan could see the thought patterns even without reading her mind, which he decided not to do. It was unnecessary and rude to do to someone that was over him. He never read his Mother’s mind and would never do it to Daisy, unless the situation called for it perhaps.
“Y-you… how… did… you… talk…?” She asked in a segmented fashion, so many questions buzzing around in her head that she didn’t really know which one to ask first.
“How? I would think that is obvious. You humans ask the most unnecessary questions.” Titan answered. He talked the same way she did, with his mouth. It wasn’t that hard to learn the tongues of man. Sure, speaking them was harder to do with his mouth than one accustomed to it, like a human or vampire.
“I mean… no other dogs… sorry, wolves, can talk, right?” She asked.
:iconvorekamperkonkel:vorekamperkonkel 4 5
Adir Animation {Click to see Animation} by jazz316 Adir Animation {Click to see Animation} :iconjazz316:jazz316 28 35
To be a dragon rider
They say, in front of your eyes,
words of heartwarming tales,
how wonderful and fulfilling
to be a dragon rider is.
Alas, if they only dealt
with the pure and simple truth
you'll then easily realize
how such life was never meant
for all kinds of human lives.
To leave your homeland forever,
to never find a new one,
to have the ground as your bed,
to find nowhere peace of mind,
for hunger and fatigue
and battles and goodbyes
you will have to give too early.
Nothing with you but your life mate,
and should they pass out one day,
how will you find out another
reason to live?
To become a dragon rider,
to abandon human race,
to bond your soul to another,
is something you can't do lightly.
Will you still go on
once you do realize
it's more the pain than the cuddles?
Will you accept to
deny your own species,
to never get children,
to never join other men?
Will you suffer for a soul mate,
not a simple friend,
not a simple marriage?
This is harsh reality,
of what is a dragon rider.
A human, but n
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 16 5
The Crystal Dragon
“Don’t let her get away!”
These shouts echoed behind her and, with each beat of her heart, she could practically feel them gaining ground. She had to lose them somehow. If the police caught her…if she was thrown in jail…it would all be over. Julia ran as hard as her legs would allow and gripped her only treasure in her arms tightly. Clutched in her sweaty and shaky arms was a simple statue, about 2 feet long and a foot tall. It was some kind of long and elegant dragon made of red crystal! It was so beautiful, and it seemed to catch every ray of light that hit it and bounce it back twice as bright. It was the only thing she’d ever stolen that she could never bring herself to sell. She’d been holding onto it for almost 2 years now and she’d grown a sort of attachment to this dragon statue. She had to protect it…she had to keep it.
Julia was a thief, plain and simple. She was no master criminal and certainly
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 105 64
The Tale of Wolves and Dragons: Chapter 1
     Shen grimaced and ducked as the battleaxe came way too close to his head, “Hey! I am an ally!”
    “Die, beast!” the warrior raised his axe yet again.
    The anthro wolf sighed and raise his paws, “Come on, then.”
    The warrior chopped downward with his axe. Shen sidestepped with literally no effort, then struck the warrior’s hand. The axe clattered to the ground as Shen gave the warrior a shove.
    “Enough. I am Shen. Did Arn not speak of me?”
    “Beast,” the warrior spat.
    “Derrick! Shen! What is going on here?” another warrior strolled over. Unfortunately, Shen knew this warrior.
    “Arn! Have you still not told them about me? This is the third time!” Shen growled.
    Arn shrugged, “I did. Not enough people list
:iconagrithdragonflame:AgrithDragonflame 8 4
The Dragon Buried
Once, high above
There I would fly
Now I am buried
With naught but tears to cry
This heart beats no more
These scales are cold
Here I am doomed
To wait and grow old
Why did they do this?
I who once shone
Sealed away
Forgotten and alone
Yet, still he came
For me in my tomb
A brave little one
To enter this room
While sealed still
I suffer no more
For he came
With story and lore
Of me and my kind
He did speak
Of fire and friend
Of brave and meek
Through the day
And very long night
He stayed with me
Until first light
He went and left
A promise for me
“I will come back
I swear to thee”
A promise he kept
Others in tow
All like him
With stories to show
Now from afar
I hear them call
Many little ones
With tales all
This heart beats again
These scales grow warm
The little ones
Have brought life to this form
Though still sealed
I won’t lie
Perhaps one day
I will see the sky
Chained and broken
It was never the end
May I ask
Will you be my… friend?
:iconagrithdragonflame:AgrithDragonflame 5 21




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it has finally happened I now have a place I can call my own and not my parents

it will 1 more week to get the last of the paper work done and get the last of my furniture moved in then I get to start my new life
it has finally happened I now have a place I can call my own and not my parents

it will 1 more week to get the last of the paper work done and get the last of my furniture moved in then I get to start my new life


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it has finally happened I now have a place I can call my own and not my parents

it will 1 more week to get the last of the paper work done and get the last of my furniture moved in then I get to start my new life


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