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Dragon hunt Valley by SeraphWolf1995 Dragon hunt Valley :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 3 5 Dragon hunt Valley by SeraphWolf1995 Dragon hunt Valley :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 0 Dragon 3 by SeraphWolf1995 Dragon 3 :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 9 3 Catacombs of thalgrimm by SeraphWolf1995 Catacombs of thalgrimm :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 9 Catacombs of thallgimm by SeraphWolf1995 Catacombs of thallgimm :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Pumpkin vale by SeraphWolf1995 Pumpkin vale :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Maelstrom  by SeraphWolf1995 Maelstrom :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Svardborg keep at the end of a titanic battle  by SeraphWolf1995 Svardborg keep at the end of a titanic battle :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Svardborg keep by SeraphWolf1995 Svardborg keep :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Svardborg keep by SeraphWolf1995 Svardborg keep :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Pathfinder map by SeraphWolf1995 Pathfinder map :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Pathfinder map by SeraphWolf1995 Pathfinder map :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Raziel by SeraphWolf1995 Raziel :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 4 5 Liormes by SeraphWolf1995 Liormes :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 1


A Bard Born Of A Dragon (I)
A Bard born of a Dragon (I)
In a land far off and old
The wind does blow cold.
The land to which I was born
The land that has made me worn
This is the land of Mythril
I was born from a Dragon's egg
I was fathered by a man who couldn't keep away from the keg
I grew up alone in the wild
Never to see another child
For Half-Dragons are hated in the land of Mythril
As I grew older my father drifted away
There was nothing I could say
All I knew was that he was killed
It was then by rage that my heart had filled.
I looked for vengeance in the land of Mythril.
There was no hope for a "Thing" like me
I would seek work, but the people would only flee
Aye, life is hard
For a travelling bard
Especially a Half-Dragon one, in the land of Mythril.
A bard ? you may wonder.
That is interesting to ponder.
Why be a Singer or a Writer?
Revenge is better suited to a Fighter!
And fighters do well for themselves in the land of Mythril.
My story is far too long and treacherous
For just one st
:icontussockytree68:tussockytree68 1 0
Life with a dragon prt 1
It was a cool night the wind blew gently thought the forest trees in a small open clearing the was the glow of a camp fire and lone human sat by the fire poking it occasionally his name was Nigel he had been traveling to a near by village but it had taken him longer to get to where he was in the forest so he had set up camp there for the night. He began to think about the events that had happened during the day as he listen to the forest unaware of the dragon that was flying towards him, with out warning the dragon swooped down and grabbed hold of him and flew into the air.
Nigel began to panic and struggle as he tried to escape the dragons tight grip he felt a glimmer of hope when he felt the dragon land and loosen it's grip on him but his hope was short lived because to his horror he was tossed into the air the last thing he saw was the dragons open maw waiting for him ''AAA-'' his cry of fear was cut short as he fell into it's mouth and right down it's throat with a loud gulp a
:iconlonewolf896:Lonewolf896 13 8
Mature content
Living With a Lamia Chapter One: The Last Straw :iconotakuserpent247:OtakuSerpent247 6 17
Blood and Fur: Chapter One
Thursday in Darwin High School, through the main doors, down the hall and two left turns later stands a door, “Room 112”. It was a computer class of sorts, taught by a belligerent water buffalo. He also taught the football team, which was part of the reason for his bad temper. No one really knew why a beast like him was teaching a Photoshop class but most were too scared to ask why. Most just kept their heads down and did their work.
Seated against the wall and two rows back in desks that joined to make long tables sat Leo, a small field mouse. Standing 2 ½ inches tall, his fur a light brown. Dressed in blue jeans, a green t-shirt, and a soft black tweed cap on his furry head. Students were still filing into the classroom; it wasn’t a large class but enough to get a nice variety of animals. Then she came in.
Her hands gripped her book bag as she sat pulling out a sketch book and a pencil she brushed her unruly mane and pinned it back glancing to the side as she o
:iconkrieger11:krieger11 12 6
The iron Dragon (part 1, Dragon Soft Vore)
   Today was the day that I had feared since I turned 18. My village sent out young adults to slay a dragon that plagued the village. The elder had called a meeting in the center of town. He gave his usual speech that he said when the time came. “And now! The one to have the honor to fight the Iron dragon. Will be, Hunter Atkins!” He said enthusiastically. All the color had drained from my skin.
   I couldn’t even move, not an inch. After I came to my senses I began to ran. I didn’t make it very far, as I was tackled to the ground and knocked out. I awoke with a panick and quickly looked around. I was deposited somewhere deep in the forest, I was lost.
   I looked to my left and saw a backpack leaning on a tree, sitting next to a sword. I slowly walked over and put on the pack and holstered the sword to my side. My head was throbbing so I would need to stay away from vigorous work for a short while. Unbeknownst to me, I was being wa
:iconwolflover2798:Wolflover2798 29 8
Dragon Prophecy by moonchild-ljilja Dragon Prophecy :iconmoonchild-ljilja:moonchild-ljilja 106 13 Valirkhanian Woods by DanilLovesFood Valirkhanian Woods :icondanillovesfood:DanilLovesFood 648 52 Oh you my Savior by Nightpark Oh you my Savior :iconnightpark:Nightpark 514 166 2016-10-17 Reaper by agata-j 2016-10-17 Reaper :iconagata-j:agata-j 39 0 Brothers by rafun1312 Brothers :iconrafun1312:rafun1312 30 4 Cover for Heroic Races by Luis-Salas Cover for Heroic Races :iconluis-salas:Luis-Salas 10 0
FOX09T Book 1 Chapter 1
F09T Book 1 Chapter One  -  Larissa Of Foxwood
      As the first soft gray wave of pre-dawn light filtered in through the open bedroom window, there was the slightest movement beneath the blankets.  He detected it of course immediately, his peaked ears twitching and rotating like tiny radar stations, his ever-vigilant amber eyes flashing fully open.  Yes, she was stirring.  Soon she would be awake.  His guardian duties were done for another night.  He carefully raised himself from where he had lain curled up at the foot of the bed and alighted with a little jump from the bed to the floor. His four black-stockinged paws made no sound as he padded across the hardwood floor.  Then came the short hop to the dresser top beneath the open window.  There he hesitated to turn and regard his sleeping charge for a moment before departing. He wondered how such a seemin
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 277 107
The Way of Life
The Way of Life
(The world was once a peaceful thriving land where nothing seemed like evil could stir from the bowels of the abyss. In this world the village of Eminence stood as beautiful as a crystalline sunset at the end of Dawn. It was a village where farmers, merchants,blacksmiths, and more worked in peace; The whole village was of good spirits and no one was cast out or unacknowledged. However in these recent years war, evil poked and prodded at the world, it seemed that the whole world had gone into war as the village of Eminence; One recognized for it’s resent against war had declared war.)
Away from the hustle and bustle of the town Alexander, a teenager who at the age of 15 could not go to war, it pained him knowing his dad who had been out at war for 10 years could not come home. However Alex was not one to show is emotions always keeping a calm half-smile face always. Away from town however Alex stood on a pen
:icontristan531:Tristan531 7 6
Create-a-Dragon Flash 2.0 by pidgepudge Create-a-Dragon Flash 2.0 :iconpidgepudge:pidgepudge 7,788 1,536
being a dragon
a dream to some, a fantasy to others... a few. Well can all agree being a dragon would be awesome but i'm writing this to show why that would be a bad thing...
1 transformation: We don't know how your transformation would happen, may it be in pain or magically unnoticed. From what multiple people think it's going to be a whole lot a pain, I mean, your body will augment in size, your body will change it's shape, you will be mutating your cells and we never know what it might do o your brain...
2 today?: in our days nothing goes unnoticed, at some point while escaping your life you'll probably be filmed or witnessed and it will go on the news, "big dragon here to destroy us". Now that could or can not be true, it's up to you, but where would you escape to? where would you find food water? what makes you think you'll know exactly what to do instinctively? what if you don't know how to hunt? or don't know what can and can't be eaten? you'll probably die of hunger...
3 Moral: l
:iconelectron2002:electron2002 3 20
The Dragon Ranch. Chapter 1: A Normal Day
The Dragon Ranch
Chapter 1: A normal Day
This is my first official story, so please cut me some slack. (P.S. I come from Germany, so excuse the grammar errors, I tried to limit the number of them)
It is a normal day..., it is always a normal day. Oh, maybe I should explain what a normal day means to me. I am Dion and I am an 17 year old Dragon. What, did you think this story would be about ponies? Well it isn't.
I should also explain how I look, I have crimson red scales, I am 4 meters high and 10 meters long, my horns are around 50 centimeters long, my chest plate is a slightly darker shade of red, my wings are webbed and the webbing has a slightly darker shade of red too, I have three clawed toes and one thumb on each of my four scaled legs. I am quadrupled, that means I walk on all fours, my muzzle is rounded and I have green, blue, brown eyes. But sadly I can't talk and that is how I have gotten into this mess of a life I am in right now.
Because I now live on a dragon ranch,
:icondionje5:Dionje5 8 12




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hi everyone just made a new dragon and I can't think of a name for her so I am asking for some ideas to help name her
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