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Catacombs of thalgrimm :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 9 Catacombs of thallgimm :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Pumpkin vale :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Maelstrom :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Svardborg keep at the end of a titanic battle :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Svardborg keep :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Svardborg keep :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 0 0 Pathfinder map :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Pathfinder map :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 1 0 Raziel :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 5 Liormes :iconseraphwolf1995:SeraphWolf1995 2 1


Burning Sky Conflux :iconexileden:Exileden 924 58 Ice Dragon - Game of Thrones :iconexileden:Exileden 696 18
Resurgence of Times Lost Ch. 2 (Dragon TF Story)
Resurgence of Times Lost
Ch. 2
A Big Change
John awoke in a cold sweat in his bed with the sun just beginning to rise shining through his window he checked his clock seeing it was 7:35 he was surprised about how early he had woken up and his dream had seemed so real he tried to figure out what he was and quickly realized that he had dreamed of being a dragon.
He decided to push the dream to the back of his mind deciding to focus on other things like the fact that he was ravenously hungry so he got up and left his room careful not to wake his parents as he went down the stairs to get something from the fridge. He opened the fridge and his eyes quickly locked onto the leftovers of last night's steak dinner he took it out to heat it up so that he could eat it as breakfast he found it odd however that he wanted steak for breakfast but it was still food he though so he got it out and put it on a plate heating it up.
:icondraconictharos:DraconicTharos 10 11
Dragon's Blood 1
Kireth sighed, trudging through the empty field. Once a battlefield, now nothing grew here.He had nothing…no home…no family…nothing. All that had been stripped from him on this very field. He stifled back his emotions, now coming upon the rubble that once was his home. He stepped through the long gone doorway, and looked around.
Nature had not taken its time in reclaiming this place. He imagined what it had been not even a year ago…coming back from his knight lessons…his mother and father welcoming him with a roast chicken…wine…a warm home….He sat in the remain of his favorite chair, and it promptly broke, landing him on the ground….ashes. He didn't move though. He was lost in thought. Lost in the time before his knighthood…when he had been happy and he had never known misery.23 years of age, he was only a year along as a knight, and already he wished he had never become one.
One month after he had completed his training, he had been ca
:iconsielrok:Sielrok 3 3
Midnight :iconcumalee:cumalee 162 21
Dragon Huntress
                                                                               Chapter 1.
Cosette greeted the sudden onslaught of heavy rain outside her tent with mixed feelings. A rare and unpredictable event in the desert highlands that she called home; the storm would soon bring about a richness of growth rarely known in the arid land. For several weeks after such a storm the desert would come alive as all of its inhabitants reveled in the abundance of water and the unexpected bounty that it would provide them. But while Cosette's people would view the storm as a cause for celebration; to her it seemed an ill-boded omen; for it reminded her all too clearly of the events of five years previous.
Just like this present storm, the rains of five years before had struck suddenly, and without
:iconunseenlandscape:UnseenLandscape 2 0
Requiem of the Dead :iconexileden:Exileden 653 16 Untitled :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 116 8
Wolf Legend - Part I
1. Andrew
He stood over the body.
It's over, he thought. No more. I'm not like them, their traditions, rituals, this pack... I'm different. It's over for me.
The scent of blood was overwhelming. The heat from the fire only reminded him of the hate that grew within him.
I hate them, he repeated over and over in his head. How could they, and for what, they call this honor!?
He wanted to see them burn. Fire didn't seem enough. He could only think of the worst kinds of deaths one could experience, and he wished it on them.
He was alone. It was not what he wanted, but it was all his fault. He had taken everything too far.
My lies did this. My hope to be different. He had lived with his curse long enough, he was asked to do the only thing he vowed never to do.
"I will not!" Andrew yelled out in the darkness.
Shadows moved across the field.  Glowing eyes were on him, fueled by hatred and judgment. He didn't care. He wouldn't stand it.
His eyes gl
:iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 288 161
City of Owls :iconwrapped-within-ink:Wrapped-Within-Ink 84 19 Never Ending :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 221 7 Wildexhern :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 232 6 Ragnarok I :iconexileden:Exileden 17,845 1,089 They Arrived In The Night :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 190 4 Rain Falls On Everyone :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 371 24 ..:Essence of Time:.. :icondea-89:Dea-89 292 81



looks like the cyclone Debbie is going to hit home so time to batten down every thing that's is loose and get under cover because things are about to get rough
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a watcher... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake People"
My group and I have just finished our first super dungeon that nearly killed all of us (final boss almost killed me with his last  attack that did 600 damage to me) and took 6 weeks to complete
looks like the cyclone Debbie is going to hit home so time to batten down every thing that's is loose and get under cover because things are about to get rough


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